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Casual Game Development

Word Search Puzzle Game

We are introducing a Word Search – Word Puzzle Game with 100k+ downloads during the 1st month of the global launch. It’s a new word search puzzle game ready to challenge your word search skills and help you relax and have fun wherever you are, anytime. 

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Mobile App Development

Our team has been working on a patient application from the service 4Smile, which educates them and helps perform exercises for the mouth. In the app, users can find engagement videos from qualified dentists with helpful advice.

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Smart Measure AR Tool > zoom

Using AR technologies, Smart Measure AR Tool makes it really easy to measure different things in the world using your cell phone’s camera.

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WalkAR > zoom

Job WalkAR is an application built for a team of builders to simplify managing team collaboration through the system of roles, group projects, tasks system, chats, etc.

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Game Development

Just Blocks Puzzle Brick Game

Easy brick puzzle game combining 2 types of block games – sudoku block games and classic Tetris. 1mln+ downloads on Google Play and AppStore. In the top chart on AppStore in Puzzle.

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FinTech Solution

Cryptocurrency trading platform

Discover a secure, fast, and easy-to-use European cryptocurrency trading platform authorized by the Central Bank of the Netherlands. Make payments with Europe’s leading payment solutions.

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Dating application

Mobile German Dating Platform

Experience the power of connection on a leading German dating platform with over 2 million active users seeking meaningful connections and unforgettable romantic experiences.

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SculptIt > zoom

Sculpt it is a hyper-casual game based on the mechanics of Voxel Coloring, but instead allowed the user to crash blocks and see the sculpture.

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Infinite Affiliates > zoom

Infinite Affiliates is a mobile application created to help businesses promote their products or services via network marketing.

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Cooking application > zoom

App for watching step-by-step cooking lessons in Augmented Reality.

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Smash Diy Slime - Fidget Slimy > zoom

Smash Diy Slime is your realistic slime simulator right in your smartphone. Make your own unique or use a ready super realistic slime simulator.

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