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We work with the latest and greatest mobile, cross-platform and web technologies and tools to provide you with a powerful custom tech stack for your project.
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Somnium Space

Example of Metaverse Features

User's Avatar Creation

Virtual Office In Metaverse

Virtual Flat in Metaverse

Virtual City in Metaverse

Virtual Casino in Metaverse

Virtual Shopping Mall in Metaverse

Virtual Cinema in Metaverse

Case Studies in Metaverse Development

Metaverse Project with copies of Real Cities

In cooperation with famous world-wide construction company our team is creating a large metaverse ecosystem with copies of real cities, which allows users to purchase virtual real estate for offices, flats and various retail and entertainment businesses.

Metaverse Builder Platform

Platform that allows you to create your own metaverse and customize it without development skills.

Metaverse Events Platform

Virtual engagement platform, where you can customize your own modular 3d environment and make your event look unique as well as exciting, leaving plenty of room for creativity.

Virtual Labs Educational Platform

World’s leading platform for virtual labs and science simulations

Football P2E Game with Metaverse Mechanics

In cooperation with Chromia Blockchain our company creates a metaverse game with NFT marketplace and various mechanics from modern games.The game is centered around managing a football team and its stadium and already partnered with Manchester City and 15 more famous football clubs

XR Social Metaverse

A map-based Extended Reality (XR) metaverse for the real world, enabling users to generate, modify, possess, exchange, and distribute XR maps, collaborate with others, and delve into the three-dimensional realms crafted by fellow users

Our Approach



Our first step is collaborating with you to understand your upcoming project’s general concept, specifications, and barriers. We will draw up an overview of your desired project. Once we have a complete picture of your vision, we will move on to the subsequent development steps.

Design Metaverse

Metaverse design creates the virtual environment’s visual and interactive aspects, including landscapes, buildings, 3d models, and avatars. It also involves designing an intuitive user interface and experience, interactions between users, objects, and the environment are also designed in this stage, including gameplay mechanics and social features such as chat and messaging.

Metaverse Development

After the design plan is approved, the metaverse development team will commence building the metaverse. The technical aspect includes creating the backend infrastructure, implementing networking protocols, and integrating different components of the metaverse, such as Blockchain, avatars, environments, and gameplay mechanics.


At this stage, our team performs, comprehensive testing is carried out to ensure a seamless, stable, and engaging user experience within the Metaverse. Security testing is also committed to preventing any vulnerabilities that may compromise the system.


The final step is to deploy the metaverse to make it accessible to users. This process involves making the virtual environment accessible across multiple platforms and devices, including web browsers, mobile apps, and dedicated software clients. It ensures compatibility and sets up servers and networks for scalability and reliability.

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Exceptional management and delivery


cutting edge technologies


quality of a big company, drive of a young one


2 weeks to start the project


skilled development team


proactive approach

And so much more stunning projects…

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Mobile German Dating Platform

Germany dating platform with more than 2 million active users to find interesting people, soul mates, or just hang out.

Cryptocurrency trading platform

European cryptocurrency trading platform focused on simplicity and an easy way of trading and exchanging cryptocurrency.


Mapstar is a map-based XR metaverse for the physical world where you can create, edit, own, trade, and share Extended Reality (XR)


Markus Frank
CEO of Single.de

I’m happy with our collaboration with Eventyr, they are indeed experts in their work. We have been working together for about 2 years, and we are expanding our cooperation even more with new projects. The management and development are top-notch! In all the time I have worked with the company, they have never let me down. Everything was delivered on time, with great communication, good quality, and the best approaches.
We have developed an excellent dating app for the Single.de platform, which is hugely popular in Germany among users. Guys have done a good job, suggest many improvements for better app work. The app has a perfect matching algorithm, user profiles with advanced details, a chat, a handy news feed, and a user verification feature with high security.
We continue to cooperate with Eventyr, and I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to get really high-quality product!

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Markus Frank
CEO of Single.de
Daniel Matalon
CTO at Vonder

Eventyr and specifically Daniel and Oleg are remarkable, we have developed the most innovative hospitality platform, both app, and web for our company VonderEurope.com We have complexes in Europe, Dubai, and the USA. Eventyr has developed state-of-the-art technology that feels like Airbnb, the platform has a Booking engine, advanced chat for tenants, a city guide, event booking solution for our Amenities, sports clubs, lectures, work spaces, inviting repair for any fix, tenants’ experience is five start – updates all through the process. Cleaning services system and more. Eventyr time line is always on time. They are a top-level developer company. This is the first company I’m working with which commits to promises and delivers with great quality and on time, they never let me down during the last 2 years of cooperation!

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Daniel Matalon
CTO at Vonder
Client Success Manager, NDA

“Eventyr demonstrated a high level of professionalism in the VR/AR development industry.”

Eventyr helped a software development outsourcing company develop the POC of a VR room decoration app designed for Oculus Quest 2 using the Unity engine. Their work also included extensive and continuous R&D.

Eventyr successfully delivered the client’s VR app, meeting the desired graphics, code, and UX quality. The team offered efficient project management, delivering on time and within budget and leveraging Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet to communicate. Moreover, they were flexible and proactive.

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Client Success Manager, NDA
Ivan Baryshevskyi
Head of Product at NewPubCo

“Eventyr created a very successful mobile game.”

Eventyr has helped a mobile apps company design and develop a word search game. They’ve been in charge of R&D, game mechanics ideation, music addition, and developing a unique level difficulty algorithm.

Thanks to their creativity and quality work, Eventyr has developed a highly successful and popular game that received over 100,000 downloads within the first month of launch. Eventyr communicates efficiently via Slack and Google Meet. They come up with fresh ideas and strive to improve the product.

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Ivan Baryshevskyi
Head of Product at NewPubCo

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We have partnered with ambitious companies and entrepreneurs all over the world. Eventyr success is a mirror of the success of our clients.

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