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Today Eventyr is a team of more than 200 technical and business professionals who deliver advanced software development services for different business areas. We aim to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and solve their issues with cutting-edge software solutions. Your business is growing — we are growing together with you. Our company is a member of Sigma Software Group, which unites more than 9000 employees in 11 countries.

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Connecting Business With Technologies

At Eventyr, our team provides you with accessible mobile, game, and web solutions that meet the latest technical requirements and market trends. Our advanced software solutions successfully integrate with various industries and bring our customers’ growth and improvement.

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We provide trustworthy software development services and become your partner who knows how to optimize your business processes, improve the customer experience of your business, and create new opportunities through software solutions
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Our Approach



At the negotiation stage, we define the challenges your business wants to overcome and elicit your initial requirements for your digital product. Based on this information, we offer the most appropriate technical solution that will meet your challenges and prepare a really rough estimate


Next, we analyze your requirements so we can prepare a quality solution on time and within budget. Then we carry out thorough research to define the technology stack and the product concept of a future app and to prepare a product specification, wireframes, and other project documents


At this stage, based on the wireframes we got after the planning stage, we start preparing a product prototype that you actually can click on. Then our designers create an attractive UI for your future app. The Ul of your app can be also complemented with strong branding, if necessary


Since design and development are closely dependent on each other, these are usually performed simultaneously to speed up development. Development is accomplished in sprints, each lasting for two weeks. Working in sprints allows us to gradually demonstrate the results of development


We also perform iterative testing to generate working software early in the software lifecycle. We fix any bugs in the system before its actual release, to be sure that the product fulfills all requirements and allows for delivering the most pleasant and smooth user experience for your customers


We provide post-release support services available for a period determined by you. Supporting and maintaining a product after launch makes it possible for you to improve your product’s quality to meet the needs of end-users. We make improvements to your product quickly without impacting its performance


We work with the latest and greatest mobile, cross-platform and web technologies and tools to provide you with a powerful custom tech stack for your project.
Web Frontend
UI/UX design
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Augmented Reality
Unreal Engine

Featured Projects

And so much more stunning projects…

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Cryptocurrency trading platform

European cryptocurrency trading platform focused on simplicity and an easy way of trading and exchanging cryptocurrency.

Mobile German Dating Platform

Germany dating platform with more than 2 million active users to find interesting people, soul mates, or just hang out.

Membership mobile app for bouldering club

Simplify your bouldering club experience with new mobile app. Easily manage subscriptions, book sessions, and make payments


With BandPay, your music band will outline every project into an Agreement – assigning each milestone with a deadline, deliverables,


Markus Frank
CEO of Single.de

I’m happy with our collaboration with Eventyr, they are indeed experts in their work. We have been working together for about 2 years, and we are expanding our cooperation even more with new projects. The management and development are top-notch! In all the time I have worked with the company, they have never let me down. Everything was delivered on time, with great communication, good quality, and the best approaches.
We have developed an excellent dating app for the Single.de platform, which is hugely popular in Germany among users. Guys have done a good job, suggest many improvements for better app work. The app has a perfect matching algorithm, user profiles with advanced details, a chat, a handy news feed, and a user verification feature with high security.
We continue to cooperate with Eventyr, and I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to get really high-quality product!

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Markus Frank
CEO of Single.de
Daniel Matalon
CTO at Vonder

Eventyr and specifically Daniel and Oleg are remarkable, we have developed the most innovative hospitality platform, both app, and web for our company VonderEurope.com We have complexes in Europe, Dubai, and the USA. Eventyr has developed state-of-the-art technology that feels like Airbnb, the platform has a Booking engine, advanced chat for tenants, a city guide, event booking solution for our Amenities, sports clubs, lectures, work spaces, inviting repair for any fix, tenants’ experience is five start – updates all through the process. Cleaning services system and more. Eventyr time line is always on time. They are a top-level developer company. This is the first company I’m working with which commits to promises and delivers with great quality and on time, they never let me down during the last 2 years of cooperation!

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Daniel Matalon
CTO at Vonder
Founder, Marketing Solutions Company

“I’m very satisfied with our partnership with Eventyr — they provide excellent service.”

Eventyr has developed a direct booking website and mobile app for a hospitality group using the provided designs. They’ve conducted a business analysis to optimize development. Deliverables included backend and frontend designs in addition to solving product business needs and networking requirements. Their insights and professionalism were key. Daniel and Oleg are great. You have to experience them to understand. They’re solutions-based thinkers. Their project managers and sales team were super diligent about creating the proper scope.

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Founder, Marketing Solutions Company
Ivan Baryshevskyi
Head of Product at NewPubCo

“Eventyr created a very successful mobile game.”

Eventyr has helped a mobile apps company design and develop a word search game. They’ve been in charge of R&D, game mechanics ideation, music addition, and developing a unique level difficulty algorithm.

Thanks to their creativity and quality work, Eventyr has developed a highly successful and popular game that received over 100,000 downloads within the first month of launch. Eventyr communicates efficiently via Slack and Google Meet. They come up with fresh ideas and strive to improve the product.

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Ivan Baryshevskyi
Head of Product at NewPubCo
Client Success Manager, NDA

“Eventyr demonstrated a high level of professionalism in the VR/AR development industry.”

Eventyr helped a software development outsourcing company develop the POC of a VR room decoration app designed for Oculus Quest 2 using the Unity engine. Their work also included extensive and continuous R&D.

Eventyr successfully delivered the client’s VR app, meeting the desired graphics, code, and UX quality. The team offered efficient project management, delivering on time and within budget and leveraging Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet to communicate. Moreover, they were flexible and proactive.

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Client Success Manager, NDA

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