Smart Measure AR Tool > zoom

Using AR technologies, Smart Measure AR Tool makes it really easy to measure different things in the world using your cell phone’s camera.

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WalkAR > zoom

Job WalkAR is an application built for a team of builders to simplify managing team collaboration through the system of roles, group projects, tasks system, chats, etc.

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SmallWorld > zoom

SmallWorld is the app that makes the world smaller by providing easy money transfers across the World.

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Cooking application > zoom

App for watching step-by-step cooking lessons in Augmented Reality.

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Acematiks > zoom

Acematiks is the world’s largest 24/7 Academic Help, Creative & Business Editorial/Writing Service for all academics, students, educational institutions, professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, creative artisans & writers, and creative studios/firms globally.

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MCProApp > zoom

Every Minecraft fan will definitely appreciate MCProApp. We created an excellent companion app with blueprints for Minecraft. Gamers can find here inspiration and new ideas with daily updates.

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> zoom

Application for a shop where users can order items with customized prints. Users can take or upload a photo, apply a filter, and order the available item with this picture in a few clicks.

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