INDUSTRY Hospitality
TEAM 20 members
PROJECT STATE Started in 2019
COUNTRY United Kingdom

We are honored to be Vondereurope's official technical partner, providing modern co-living spaces for digital nomads, students, and young professionals. Our role includes product management, creating the website, app, and admin panels, optimizing system management, and enhancing cost efficiency.


Vonder is a part of LRC Group, a privately held investment and management firm which have sourced and acquired real estate assets with a total value of over €6bn across Europe.

Efficient booking engine

The Hospitality and Travel industry typically starts by providing a convenient and user-friendly platform for viewing hotel information, showcasing all key advantages, and booking stays efficiently. With this in mind, we designed a sleek, minimalist, and stylish website and mobile app, complete with a booking engine, for Vonder. The booking process in Vonder is streamlined for maximum simplicity, maximizing lead conversion for the business.

Community and networking

Vonder is not just about renting, it’s about a global community that allows users to build their own network and considerably increase their opportunities. Vonder’s concept of all-in-one living is centered around fostering a sense of community among tenants. By providing housing, a built-in community, a support team, and curated content, tenants are given the resources and support needed to thrive during their stay. Community spaces and Vonder’s digital platforms bring tenants together for various events, providing valuable opportunities for networking and professional growth.

To foster community among Vonder tenants, we integrated a sophisticated chat platform within the app. This feature enables group conversations, direct messaging, and sharing attachments, among other advanced chat options. This provides a seamless communication channel for tenants to interact with one another and with the staff at Vonder Hotels.

Book facilities, services, events

To stay ahead of the curve, we help Vonder leverage technology to offer a seamless experience to tenants. Mobile applications and website serve as a one-stop-shop for all clients’ needs, ensuring that everything is easily accessible and making their experience with the company unforgettable. Vonder buildings provide their tenants with lots of additional services, including a gym, cinema, pool, coworking, grill zone, and much more.

Vonder provides tenants with many services like laundry, room cleaning, car renting, etc. Tenants can regularly participate in parties, yoga training, various master classes, and events. In order to get information and book those facilities, services, and events, we created corresponding sections in the mobile app. It allows users to quickly and easily view all the available offerings at their place of residence, select what they want, and enjoy.

Business Impact

The completed system has been a remarkable success for the client, enabling Vonder to expand its business reach, attract new clients, and achieve excellent income growth.

Hotel Management Infrastructure

As much as the development of Vonder was significant, so was the business aspect of it. With a profound understanding of the travel and hospitality industry, our team tailored business processes and developed various admin panels and roles to enhance internal management. We also aimed to simplify the system management and optimize costs as much as possible.

Our team has developed an unrivaled property management system accessible to all Vonder employees, from the support team and reception staff to the complex head and regional general manager. This allows them to easily monitor the status of each complex, keep track of key business metrics, and quickly address any issues that arise.


When we first began working with Vonder in 2018, the company only had a limited presence in a few countries with just a handful of hotels. Our team cooperation just with building several landing pages, and during these years, we expanded it to create the most innovative IT infrastructure a co-living business can have. During our cooperation, their business grew significantly. Vonder has expanded its reach to 6+ countries in just a few years with new co-living spaces. Implementing efficient business processes and developing a user-friendly technical solution has propelled Vonder to new heights in the market. Additionally, the increased brand recognition has led to a surge in customer traffic. “Do you want to know how popular Vonder is? Take a try to book a room.”

Clients feedback

Daniel Matalon
CTO at Vonder

Eventyr and specifically Daniel and Oleg are remarkable, we have developed the most innovative hospitality platform, both app, and web for our company We have complexes in Europe, Dubai, and the USA. Eventyr has developed state-of-the-art technology that feels like Airbnb, the platform has a Booking engine, advanced chat for tenants, a city guide, event booking solution for our Amenities, sports clubs, lectures, work spaces, inviting repair for any fix, tenants’ experience is five start – updates all through the process. Cleaning services system and more. Eventyr time line is always on time. They are a top-level developer company. This is the first company I’m working with which commits to promises and delivers with great quality and on time, they never let me down during the last 2 years of cooperation!

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Daniel Matalon
CTO at Vonder
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