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Just Block

About Project

Just Blocks became our first own product developed with the game publisher. So, this is a game that combines the principles of 2 famous games: Sudoku and Tetris. The primary purpose of the game is to score a significant number of points and try to beat your record by playing more and more

This s is a fun, addictive block puzzle that you’ll want to keep playing every day – either for a fun pastime or for practice to keep your mind sharp. Brick block puzzle games such as this, based on solving puzzles and matching bricks and even number blocks, help with brain training and development, so train frequently and keep track of your progress.

Complete daily challenge

Just Blocks is a game designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring our players feel confident and in control of every aspect without being overwhelmed by complexity. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, the game remains exciting and fresh with the introduction of a series of daily challenges. These challenges present brand new tasks to players every day, requiring them to quickly assemble a line of puzzle blocks and solve the puzzle using a limited number of bricks within a specified time limit.

Completing these daily quests brings a cool user experience, and players receive monthly trophies for their efforts.  This added incentive greatly motivates players to complete the daily challenges.

Seasonal Events

Just Blocks just got even more exciting with the addition of Seasonal Events. These events are designed to add more elements to the game users already like, providing them with good entertainment.

One of the key features of these seasonal events is the free puzzles gamers can complete. These puzzles are specifically designed to be not very challenging but enjoyable, providing a fun time for players of all skill levels. But that’s not all – users also have the opportunity to earn diamonds and rubies during these events. These rewards can be used to unlock special rewards that are sure to keep users motivated and engaged.

Just Block

Get Rewards for Achievements

In Just Block, we’ve designed a series of level tasks that offer players rewards, keeping them motivated and interested in coming back for more. We understand how important it is to keep players interested, and that’s why we’ve introduced these quests into the game. These tasks are specifically designed to be uncomplicated and enjoyable so that players feel satisfied after completing them. By offering rewards for completing tasks, we aim to keep our players motivated and interested in playing the game more often. The more you play, the more rewards you get – it’s a win-win situation!

Team composition
  • PM 1 Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 2D artist
  • Unity developer 2 Unity Developers
  • 1 QA engineer


The result of our work is a completely free block puzzle game that comes with seasonal events, daily Just Blocks challenges, and different modes to play – all designed to make gamers turn down stress and turn up the fun. More than 1 mln downloads, a huge amount satisfied users who have already played in Just Blocks and enjoy each level spending time in the game every day.  Install Just Blocks today, drag and drop those puzzle bricks, play the daily challenges, score high, and win trophies