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About Project

The Mobile VR Security Awareness Game offers an immersive experience that can be enjoyed on both conventional devices and VR headsets. Step into the shoes of the protagonist as you find yourself in a futuristic server room, racing against the clock to solve puzzles and escape while safeguarding your organization. This innovative game serves as a valuable tool for teaching employees the fundamentals of cybersecurity. By gamifying the learning process, individuals actively engage and absorb knowledge more effectively. The Security Awareness Game captivates users with its visually stunning graphics, captivating storyline, and challenging puzzles, all while imparting crucial information security principles that will leave a lasting impact on your employees’ awareness.

About Client

Infosequre.com creates a new security awareness in employees and gives them a greater understanding of cyber risks


Stunning Graphics

VR Cyber Escapes has excellent photo-realistic 3D graphics. The game takes the user into a futuristic world, and the graphics give a complete sense of presence. It was essential to think about every element and interaction with it, on which quite a lot of work was done.  It was also important to optimize the graphics as much as possible to support even entry-level devices. That’s why it doesn’t matter what device the player has, and he’ll be able to play in any case.


Immersive Story

Combining learning and playing will be impossible without an engaging and entertaining story. It is vital to interest the user, make him involved, make it clearer to provide the learning material, and make it so that the player would really remember it. The game adds a lot of interactives, a lot of dialogue, feedback on the action in the game, time pressure, and more.

Intuitive Gameplay

Despite the broad narrative and a large amount of learning, the immersive game does not require education, allowing players to engage more quickly and not lose time or get distracted by learning gameplay.  The gameplay is universal for VR helmets as well as supports Google Cardboard. In addition, the conventional Touch control is provided, allowing you to play from a mobile device without additional devices.

Team Composition
  • PM 1 Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 3D Artist
  • 3 Unity Developers
  • 1 Quality Assurance


Upon completing the project, the customer received a robust and user-friendly game, which combines excellent graphics with a zero-lag experience and, at the same time, has a wide range of supported devices.