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PROJECT STATE Started in 2020
About project

The platform is a global virtual lab solution for interactive scientific learning. This system boasts a vast array of simulations for practicing lab skills, visualizing theories, and facilitating peer collaboration. It's widely utilized by schools and universities, impacting a substantial student population worldwide.

About client

World's leading provider of educational software for schools and universities. With the visionary aim to empower the next generation of scientists, has successfully raised over $100 million from renowned investors.

Educational VR experience for students

Platform provides an immersive learning environment with virtual laboratories that function on both high-end and low-end devices. Numerous scientific scenarios are available for students to choose from, bringing the curriculum to life. They may undertake experiments, engage with the lab equipment, and understand the theory, making for a thorough and interesting educational experience.

Integration with most popular LMS Systems

All popular Learning Management Systems are smoothly integrated with platform. Through this connection, teachers can efficiently manage student performance data using their gradebooks, and students may keep a record of their work, boosting the learning process and assuring accountability.

Business Impact

The system is highly cherished by its users due to the impressive, tangible results it consistently delivers. The platform also fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Beyond student benefits, the system offers cost savings to schools by reducing lab equipment costs. Additionally, it helps attract and retain top-tier students.

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