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AR/VR Platform Development


Introducing the cutting-edge virtual lab platform: an immersive and interactive learning environment where students engage in hands-on experiments and simulations to deepen their understanding of complex concepts. With a user-friendly interface and realistic simulations, it revolutionizes education for more engaging and effective learning.

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Educational Game Development

An educational game to improve memory is an entertainment gaming app that aids in developing different types of memory using various technics and fascinating missions.

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AI-Gamified Platform Development

Empower your child with an AI-gamified educational platform designed to make learning English, math, science, and more engaging and rewarding. Supported by TV and VOD services for enhanced learning experiences.

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GogoMath is a mobile application that helps children practice math skills during gaming. Working through the levels helps students gain a solid understanding of math basics step by step.

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VR Game Development

Mobile VR Security awareness game

Immerse yourself in a captivating cybersecurity journey, blending visuals, an engaging storyline, and interactive puzzles to enhance information security awareness for lasting impact.

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Acematiks is the world’s largest 24/7 Academic Help, Creative & Business Editorial/Writing Service for all academics, students, educational institutions, professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, creative artisans & writers, and creative studios/firms globally.

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