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INDUSTRY Mobile Game
TEAM 10 members
PROJECT STATE Started in 2020

Black Snow, an innovative mobile AR game, fuses the physical and digital worlds for an immersive sci-fi experience. Despite AR's cost and content limitations, we've made it accessible on mobile devices, featuring an alien invasion story and original bio-punk art.


Black Snow aims to eliminate AR adoption barriers and showcase our proficiency. We're creating a riveting sci-fi game, blending striking visuals, surround sound, and tactile input for an unparalleled experience. Our focus is accessibility with no pre-calibration and integrated mapping for accuracy.

Player vs Environment Mode Game

Individuals or groups of players battle AI-controlled adversaries in the Player vs Environment mode. This might involve a variety of situations, such finishing missions, stopping alien invasions, or discovering new areas. This game mode places a strong emphasis on strategic planning, resource management, and the player’s capacity to successfully address the difficulties presented by the game’s setting.

Player vs Player Game Mode

Black Snow’s Player vs Player mode adds a competitive component. Instead of competing against the game’s AI, people or groups of players do so in this mode. Direct fighting, the control of territory, or other types of strategic rivalry can be used to achieve this.  This game mode gaming places a strong emphasis on talent, teamwork, and competitive strategy.

The Innovative "Under Table" Mode

Black Snow’s creative “Under Table” mode was created to be used and pleasant in any situation. This function creates a small, virtual gaming environment that can be set up on any flat surface, such as a table or a desk, by utilizing the game’s cutting-edge AR technology.

Players can play Black Snow in “Under Table” mode just like they would in full-scale form, without having to move around in a real location. This function enables users to enjoy the game even when their surroundings could restrict them, such as when traveling, in a limited space, or simply when they want to play while seated. It is evidence of the game’s dedication to player convenience and accessibility, guaranteeing that Black Snow can be experienced whenever and wherever.


Product Manager

“It’s always very easy to do what you have been doing for many years and copy what has already been done by others. And it is an obvious fact that every company has its unique set of strengths and expertise in the market. But everyone also understands that growth is not possible without getting out of your comfort zone and stepping forward into the unknown in order to create innovation.”

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Product Manager
Board Member and AR/VR evangelist

“It took us some time to fully lock and load the understanding of how this AR game should look like.

Now, when it is sprung to life, I really like the intense game experience we created and the simulation of the large-scale mixed reality of the game implemented on a regular smartphone.”

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Board Member and AR/VR evangelist

We developed an innovative AR mobile game that fuses aspects of location-based gaming and extraterrestrial combat, set within a real-time, open-world AR landscape. The game has been successfully launched on iOS devices across more than 18 countries, and we remain dedicated to ongoing product enhancement, support, and maintenance.

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