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PROJECT STATE Started in 2020

Animar is an edutainment game for all ages, promoting wildlife conservation. Inspired by Tamagotchi, players nurture a cub to adulthood and return it to the wild. It enhances intellectual, creative, and spiritual skills, and features an Augmented Reality mode for interactive play on devices


Improve your karma through care for animals at Animar, addressing extinction threats impacting 40% of Earth's species due to human activities. Animar emphasizes the importance of nature and animal care, motivating users to enhance their life and fate by helping the environment.


The creation of 3D graphics was a crucial stage in game development. The main goal was to draw the most realistic animals and create natural and beautiful animations, which allowed users to get an incredible impression while playing the game.

In the game, users can choose more than ten different animal species that look and behave like the real ones. More than 50 different animations were made and blended for each animal, giving excellent results and positive feedback from users.


Choose an animal. Shelter one of the wild and realistic looking animals

Rescue it. Free an animal that was captured and added up in captivity

Raise it. Raise a cub and release an adult animal back to its natural environment


Take a bath. Take a bath with the animals and keep them clean

Dress it. Put on realistic looking clothes, hats and eyeglasses

Play with it. Boost their mood and keep them in shape by playing in sports game


Intellectually. Learn new knowledge about nature using virtual books in AR

Creatively. Draw pictures and paint coloring books on a virtual easel in AR

Spiritually. Meditate mirroring animal’s breathing chosen in unison with healthy natural rythms


Watch. Discover the world through the animal dreams on a virtual video screen

Browse. Browse video categories such as Education, Cartoons, Nature and Shows

Safety. Watch only safe videos without forbidden content


Capture. Take realistic looking photos with animals in AR

Record. Record videos when learning or playing with animals in AR

Share. Surprise your friends by sharing photos and videos via social networks


Donate. Donate each time when you buy premium subscription and animals fashion

Share. Share filters in AR to draw attention to the animals threats

Support. Take actions by signing petitions and contacting officials


Improve. Learn and care for animals to improve your Karma of Love, Joy, Wisdom and Heals

Discover. Unlock new knowledge and gifts that combine with each Karma

Enlighten. Improve your entire Karma to attain Enlightement and become a Master


Our team created an excellent game that gained a lot of fans after the release. Designed for a wide audience, the number of downloads in the first few months has grown to 10k and continues to grow. Users enjoy spending time together with their animals, caring for and playing with them, as well as learning new facts about them.

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