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About project

Adanimals is a platform hosting multiple mini-games where users collect, breed, and battle unique NFT-based creatures. These creatures' attributes impact gameplay and users earn rewards by actively participating.

About client

Lovelace World, a seasoned industry veteran, is a dynamic blockchain gaming company. They focused on crafting rewarding and engaging Play-to-Earn experiences for gamers worldwide.

Business need

Devise a novel and compelling system for users to interact with virtual pets. It is necessary to blend the amusement and collectability associated with conventional virtual pets with the earning opportunities provided by Play-to-Earn games. The project must establish itself as a distinctive and attractive platform for users.

Rapid Runner

In this game, you steer a character as it sprints through various obstructions. To leap over obstacles and earn money, you must touch the screen. The more coins you gather, the quicker you run. With coins, you may give your character enhancements like a quicker speed or a greater leap.

Bento Balancer

This game requires you to control a character while balancing a bento on its head as it moves through a succession of levels. To prevent the Bento from sliding off the platforms, you must continually reposition your character. The game is over if the Bento comes off. By keeping the Bento balanced for an extended length of time and by gathering perfect, you may get points.

Rhythm-based runner

A rhythm-based runner game is a video game genre that combines endless running with rhythm mechanics. The player’s character continuously runs forward, dodging obstacles in sync with a musical beat. Success in the game requires quick reflexes and a good sense of rhythm, making the music an integral part of the gameplay and challenge. The game often features varied music genres, levels, and visual styles.

Cook dano

In the game, you command an Adanimal as it prepares meals in a kitchen. To cut veggies, mix ingredients, and cook burgers, you must touch the screen. Your food will burn if you make a mistake, and you will lose the game. By swiftly and accurately preparing meals, you may get points.


Business impact

Adanimals, a unique Play-to-Earn game, has promising potential in the thriving blockchain gaming market. It offers users an engaging gaming experience, various reward earning opportunities, and security. The system is progressing successfully, making it a compelling proposition for a large user base.

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