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About Project

The VR Room Decoration Application is exclusively for the Oculus Quest 2. The application allows users to decorate a virtual room by interacting with various objects and settings. Leveraging the Unity Engine, the app features realistic graphics, physics simulations, and a user-friendly interface.

About the Client

An experienced software development outsourcing company. Established in 2014, specialize in granting technology companies worldwide access to the top software engineers from Ukraine and Poland. The company takes pride in building cost-effective software solutions for large enterprises and NGOs.

Business Need

The VR industry is rapidly evolving, and there was a demand for a VR room decorating app optimized for Oculus Quest 2. The company recognized the potential of creating a realistic virtual room decoration experience that would allow users to engage with their surroundings in new and innovative ways.

Optimal Graphics Quality

Introducing dual graphics quality presets designed for both autonomous and PC-connected modes, guaranteeing impeccable visual rendering, irrespective of the configuration in use. This innovative inclusion guarantees an optimal display experience tailored to the specific setup, enhancing overall user satisfaction and providing a seamless transition between different usage scenarios.


Object Interaction

Experience a truly immersive environment by interacting with virtual objects using intuitive actions such as dragging, rotation, and basic physics simulation. This interaction capability not only enriches the user’s engagement but also provides a natural and realistic feel, making the entire experience truly memorable. Whether you’re manipulating objects or exploring a virtual space, this feature adds depth and authenticity, enhancing the overall appeal of the virtual environment.

Extensive Customization Options

Customize your virtual space effortlessly with an array of features including Settings, My Collection, volume control, and even a tablet interface. This diverse toolkit allows users to personalize their virtual environment according to their preferences, enabling them to curate a unique and tailored experience. Whether it’s adjusting audio settings, organizing collected items, or managing the overall ambiance, these options provide a seamless way to make the virtual world truly yours. The availability of these features empowers users to create an environment that aligns with their individual tastes, adding a layer of personalization that enhances immersion and engagement.

Content Reusability

Enhance versatility by seamlessly reusing content from the VR Room Decoration App within the Unity VR App. This integration empowers developers to extend the application’s capabilities, making the experience more diverse and comprehensive. By allowing the transfer of content between these two platforms, users can enjoy a more holistic and interconnected experience. This synergy between applications not only boosts efficiency but also opens up new creative possibilities, ultimately enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Business Impact

The VR Room Decoration app had a transformative impact on the VR industry. The application’s combination of high-fidelity graphics, immersive object interactions, and extensive customization options established a new benchmark for virtual reality experiences. 

Client Success Manager, NDA

“Eventyr demonstrated a high level of professionalism in the VR/AR development industry.”

Eventyr helped a software development outsourcing company develop the POC of a VR room decoration app designed for Oculus Quest 2 using the Unity engine. Their work also included extensive and continuous R&D.

Eventyr successfully delivered the client’s VR app, meeting the desired graphics, code, and UX quality. The team offered efficient project management, delivering on time and within budget and leveraging Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet to communicate. Moreover, they were flexible and proactive.

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Client Success Manager, NDA
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