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About the Project

The project required creating an AR program that would enable users to participate in a variety of activities, earn points, and win rewards. The app was created to promote the mall's products and partners while boosting interaction and foot traffic.

About the Client

Mall of the Emirates is a leading shopping mall in the UAE with over 100 stores. The mall wanted to create a more engaging and interactive experience for visitors, and to promote its brands and partners.

Business need

The client's business need was to increase engagement and foot traffic in the mall. The mall also wanted to promote its brands and partners, and to create a more memorable and enjoyable experience for visitors.

Multiple Games and "Under-Table" Mode

The application presents a diverse and extensive selection of games, catering to the discerning preferences of its customers. These games span a range of engaging activities, encompassing coin collection, trivia challenges, and the intriguing sister brands reveal game. One noteworthy feature, the “Under-Table” Mode, significantly enhances the flexibility of the customer experience. This innovative functionality liberates patrons from the confines of the mall premises, granting them the freedom to partake in their chosen games from virtually any location, rather than being restricted solely to the mall environment.

Interactive Automated Map and AR Sync

The application showcases an impressive integration of technology by presenting a live map that precisely pinpoints the locations of all available games. This dynamic feature adds a layer of excitement as it triggers interactive scenarios tailored to each game, seamlessly activated when a customer arrives at a designated location. A noteworthy convenience offered by the app is its automated map and augmented reality (AR) synchronization, which adeptly eradicates the need for any cumbersome setup steps. This not only streamlines the user experience but also showcases a commitment to user-friendly design and seamless functionality.

Real-Time Strategy Gameplay and Reward System

Through the successful completion of a diverse array of challenges and participation in a variety of games, patrons have the opportunity to amass points. These points hold the potential to unlock noteworthy prizes, adding a layer of excitement and motivation to the user experience that extends beyond mere entertainment.

Notably, the app goes beyond conventional offerings by incorporating real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay. This strategic element is seamlessly woven into the app’s fabric, providing users with the chance to engage in thoughtful decision-making and tactical planning. What’s more, the inclusion of action visualization directly onto the interactive map elevates the experience further, granting users a visual representation of the strategic maneuvers they undertake.

Immersive XR

The application delivers an unparalleled and immersive Extended Reality (XR) experience that transcends traditional boundaries. This feature encompasses an amalgamation of advanced technologies, including spatial audio and haptic feedback, synergistically converging to create a multisensory encounter that engages users on a profoundly visceral level.

Complementing spatial audio, the integration of haptic feedback adds yet another layer of sensory engagement. Users can not only hear but also physically sense and feel the virtual environment through tactile vibrations and feedback. This intricate interplay between visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli culminates in an XR experience that defies convention, capturing the essence of presence and transporting users to a realm where the boundaries between reality and virtuality blur.

Business Impact

The app has been a success for the client. It has increased engagement and foot traffic in the mall, and it has promoted the mall's brands and partners. The app has also been well-received by visitors, who have praised its interactive and engaging features.


Founder of Black Snow Games and board member Sigma Software

“We all saw the massive hype around Pokémon Go a couple of years ago. Since then, spending by players has increased by 40%. Big corporations like Google, Samsung, and Apple are all working on XR devices. By 2025 there will be more than 216 million users of AR- and VR-based games around the world. This gives us some big hints that demand for these apps is right around the corner. If we talk about B2B apps, these are already completely feasible and reasonable. Especially in such areas as gamification in retail and AR navigation, as we see in this particular project with the MOE. In one way or another, the mass adoption of extended and augmented reality is inevitable”

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Founder of Black Snow Games and board member Sigma Software
CEO & co-founder, Sigma software

“We see more and more companies are getting interested in such kinds of applications. They’re starting to see a real value from it and integrating those technologies into their organizations and business models. The solution we’re creating for the Mall of the Emirates is one such example.”

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CEO & co-founder, Sigma software
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