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A Nonogram is our third in-house product developed with the game publisher. So this is a logical picture puzzle in which cells in the grid must be colored or left blank according to the numbers on the side of the grid to reveal a hidden image. The game was built with the highest industry tech standards ensuring immersive player experience. The game received global-launch ready metrics in 6 weeks after first soft launch.


The industry-leading provider of digital entertainment. Their main goal is to add value to the time gamers spend playing by offering exciting user experience. In order to offer the finest user experience, they are dedicated to continuously developing their application.


Streamlined user interface for easy navigation along with the high quality animations and visual effects ensures the best player experience within the games of the similar genre. The game was made in the way to make the player rest while playing, allowing him to focus on the gameplay process without any distractions.


The key point in the level design of the Nonogram is a hand-drawn graphics. Each of our levels contain a veiled image which was precisiously drawn by our artists. When people play our game and complete another level – they do not think about the huge work that lies behind it. And they are not supposed to. Also, for our levels we made an adaptive difficulty curve for both beginners and advanced players to make sure no one will struggle. These are the key ingredients that make our game so popular!


Our game has several mechanics that were tested and polished to keep players engaged and motivated. Some of these mechanics are in-game hints and scoring system for player support, daily challenges and bonuses, leaderboard system. By including all of these mechanics into the game we achieved a great 8,3% R28 index. Our players became our community that are convinced in our product quality!


Business Impact

The game became a success for both development studio (Eventyr) and publisher. High retention rate of the game as well as meticulously customized advertising system allowed it to reach the top-market revenue numbers.


Ivan Baryshevskyi
Head of Product at NewPubCo

“Another Successful Game from Eventyr”

Nanogram is the third successful game created for us by Eventyr. The game was built with the highest industry tech standards, ensuring an immersive player experience. The game has received global-launch-ready metrics in 6 weeks after the first soft launch. Now we started receiving 5-star ratings from users.

The company’s level of development and creativity is very impressive. I am grateful to the team for its professionalism and proactive communication that made the development process smooth. The on-time delivery was an amazing plus to all above said.

For me, Eventyr is a top-tier game development company, I am excited about our next venture together!

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Ivan Baryshevskyi
Head of Product at NewPubCo
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